Wotnot Organic Facial Wipes Deep Cleansing

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Wotnot has produced an organic face wipe so natural your skin will love it as much as you do. Facial skin is so delicate that only the most natural ingredients should be used in your skincare products.

• Wotnot sensitive face wipes for all skin types contain certified organic rosehip and sweet almond oil
• Wotnot ultra-hydrating face wipes for dry/aging skin oily skin contain certified organic camellia oil
• Wotnotdeep cleansing face wipes for oily/combination skin oily skin contain certified organic pink grapefruit and papaya
• All face wipes include certified organic aloe vera
• 100% natural and biodegradable fibre
• Free from alcohol and artificial perfumes
• Free from parabens and petrochemicals
• Ideal for sensitive skin
• Removes all makeup including waterproof mascara