Martin & PleasanceSchuessler Tissue Salts Spray Nat Sulph 6X

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Water Eliminator
Nat Sulph is called the water eliminating tissue salt. It is thus the main remedy for water retention. It is also strongly associated with the liver and gall bladder. This tissue salt is essential for the proper digestion of sugars and starches and for the effective withdrawal of water from the cells. This tissue salt largely controls the healthy functioning of the liver; it ensures an adequate supply of free-flowing healthy bile, so necessary for the later stages of digestion. Nat Sulph ensures the disposal of toxic charged fluids and its importance in the treatment of rheumatic ailments is self-evident.

Assists with:
* Biliousness
* Vomiting of bile
* Heartburn
* Bitter taste in the mouth
* Indigestion
* Flatulence & constipation
* Persistent cough or chronic bronchitis
* Cellulite

Available in: 30ml Spray,
Each spray contains:
* Sodium sulphate 6X
* Ethanol