Martin & Pleasance Schuessler Tissue Salts Spray Nat Phos 6X

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Acid Neutraliser
Nat Phos is the acid neutralising tissue salt and is present in the blood, muscles, nerve and brain cells. It is used in conditions of excess acidity which are characteristically sour smelling. This salt regulates the balance of fats and acids in the body at all times. This tissue salt is known as the alkaliniser and can alleviate arthritic/ rheumatic tendencies.

Assists with:
* Heartburn
* Acid taste & sour breath
* Acid indigestion
* Vomiting of sour fluids
* Diarrhoea with sour smelling stools
* Joint stiffness, use along with Mag Phos

Available in: 30ml Spray, 125ts, Cream

Each spray contains:
* Sodium phosphate 6X
* Ethanol