Martin & Pleasance Schuessler Tissue Salt Calc Sulph 6X

Martin & Pleasance Schuessler Tissue Salt Calc Sulph 6X

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Blood Cleanser
Calc Sulph is found in the liver where it helps in the removal of waste products from the blood stream and it has a cleansing and purifying influence throughout the system. This tissue salt influences the formation of connective and supportive tissue in the body supporting the growth of new cells. Calc Sulph is of particular importance for the effect it has on the body of expelling pus.

Calc Sulph supplements the action of Kali Mur in the treatment of catarrh, acne and it should always be given when pimples occur in adolescence and especially for gum boils with Silica. If there is a deficiency of this tissue salt in the connective tissues, then skin eruptions could turn to abscesses and ulcers.

Assists with:
* Adult acne
* Scaly skin
* Chronic bronchitis
* Boils with pus
* Wounds that won't heal
* Dandruff

Available in: 125ts, Spray
Each contains:
* 0.5mcg of the Mineral Tissue Salt Calcium Sulphate in a lactose base