Martin & Pleasance Homeopathic Remedy Craving Control Spray

Martin & Pleasance Homeopathic Remedy Craving Control Spray

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Cravings Relief
Martin & Pleasance's range of 10 oral sprays combine traditionally prepared homeopathic remedies with Schuessler Tissue Salts, specially prepared micro doses of minerals.

These lactose free sprays can be used by everyone, including pregnant and breastfeeding women, babies, children and people currently on other medications. Simply match the cost effective sprays with the common aliments on the front of the pack Martin & Pleasance proudly prepare our natural remedies using traditional methods in our own laboratory.

This is a homeopathic product used for the temporary relief of excessive hunger, cravings for sugary food, fatty food & cigarettes. May also assist with irritability.

Assists with: Excessive hunger, cravings for sugary & fatty food and cigarettes.
Useful for all detox & weight loss regimes and for the irritability that sets in when dieting.

Available in: 25mL Spray
Contains equal parts of:
* Avena sativa 4X
* Nux-vomica 12X, 30X
* Calc carb 12C
* Lycopodium 6C
Tissue Salts:
* Kali phos 6X
* Mag phos 6X