Raising healthy kids

The nutritional needs of children vary greatly to that of an adult. While we often think of kids as just “mini adults”, their nutritional needs are actually quite unique. Having metabolisms that are almost twice as fast as an adult, a child’s diet needs to provide the right nutrients to support their rapid growth and development. Good nutrition is also an essential part of supporting their developing physical, emotional and psychologically wellbeing.

A child’s diet can be impacted by common childhood nutritional challenges such as fussy eating, food allergies and intolerances. When this occurs, finding nutritional support for optimal health can be helpful. Herbs of Gold produce a range of golden formulas for children, formulated by Naturopaths to support the general health and wellbeing of children as they grow.

Children’s Multi Care

Children’s Multi Care is a comprehensive multivitamin containing each of the important B vitamins to support energy production and nervous system health in children. Children’s Multi care features vitamin D for children’s bone health, vitamin C for immune and skin health, as well as high-strength iodine to support cognitive function, brain health and thyroid gland health in children.

Children’s Magnesium Care

Children’s Magnesium Care contains a careful blend of two organic, well absorbed forms of magnesium to support nervous system function and muscle health in children. Available in a delicious strawberry-vanilla flavoured chewable tablet, Children’s Magnesium care is also beneficial for supporting bone mineralisation and healthy teeth in children.

Children’s Fish-i Care

As the body cannot produce omega-3’s, it is important to include them as a regular part of a child’s diet and supplementation can be beneficial for children with a diet low in fish. Herbs of Gold Children’s Fish-i Care is available in a naturally sweetened, delicious vanilla-berry chewable capsule and contains the perfect blend of omega-3 triglycerides and iodine to support brain health and cognitive function in children.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. Vitamin and mineral supplements should not replace a balanced diet.